Jmol Documentation and Examples

interactive script documentation
Jmol 3D-SEARCH SMILES/SMARTS specification
JSmol directory
JSmol test page (jsmol.htm)
JSmol test page (test2.htm)
what's new for Jmol 12.4
what was new for Jmol 12.2
what was new for Jmol 12.0
latest example directory (Jmol 12/13)
earlier example directory (Jmol 11)
Jmol Version 10 examples
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Jmol Files and Code

Hanson's latest bleeding edge ZIP file (containing [both Java and HTML5 versions], Jmol.jar, JmolData.jar, and JmolLib.jar)
Jmol subversion repository trunk (development version)
Jmol subversion repository branch (latest release)
JSmol subversion repository trunk Jmol SourceForge Development Page Jmol Android
Preliminary JVXL file format documentation

Jmol Jmol Web Page Examples

A Very Simple Page
Jmol Protein Explorer
Jmol Crystal Explorer
Jmol Crystal Symmetry Explorer
Jmol with Google Flot and another

Jmol Presentations (not necessarily self-guided)

BCCE20 (July 2008) What’s New for Jmol
Peter Murray-Rust: The Semantic Chemical Web: GoogleInChI and other Mashups
Spring 2006 ConfChem paper
August 2006 Cologne/Nijmegen seminar (requires PC/LiveWeb)