JSME test page

Turning AA on and off does not work with IE. Try IE 9 or 10 to see the applet with AA on. Unfortunately, AA cannot be turned off in EI9 and IE10.

public void JME.options(String)

enables to change applet parameters dynamically from JavaScript. Recognized keywords are :
xbutton, noxbutton - show / hide the X button (even when not visible the X button functionality is accessible through the X and H key shortcuts
rbutton, norbutton - show / hide the R button (to mark connection of substituent with the main scaffold)
hydrogens, nohydrogens - display / hide hydrogens
query, noquery - enable / disable query features
autoez, noautoez - automatic generation of SMILES with E,Z stereochemistry
nocanonize - SMILES canonicalization and detection of aromaticity supressed
nostereo - stereochemistry not considered when creating SMILES
reaction, noreaction - enable / disable reaction input
multipart - possibility to enter multipart structures
polarnitro - prevent automatic conversion of nitro (and similar) groups into nonpolar form
number / autonumber - possibility to number (mark) atoms
depict - the applet will appear without editing buttons, this is used for structure display only
border (used together with the depict option) - displays a border around depicted molecule
newlook, oldlook - turn on/off the old Java based JME look (default is off)

public String getHelpURL() return the url used to display JSME help page.

public void alert(String message) Display an alert box with the look and feel of JSME.

See also description of the applet's param tag.

Set options:
Customize the help URL:

Import predefined chemical structure to applet:

Export chemical structure from applet:

Known issues

IE9 64 bits in IE8 compatibility mode cannot display lines correctly