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Drag and drop any Spartan file into the above applet. Click on a point, or scan along the baseline to move rapidly among the models.

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This page and jmol-flot.htm illustrate how the Flot graphing package can be used with Jmol to depict molecular data graphically. Note that this page uses the signed applet, so you can drag-and-drop a file from your local file system onto the Jmol applet. The Flot package is quite flexible and very easy to work with. For these pages I've adapted it a bit -- the modified flot JavaScript file is in the flot subdirectory. Mostly I added a hover delay option and the option to hover over a vertical or horizontal slice rather than exactly on a point. For the Ramachandran Plot at jmol-flot.htm, I added the option to have major tick marks drawn in a darker color.