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This page is under development. It is a test of porting OpenAstexViewer to JavaScript. As of July 24, 2014, OpenAstexViewer/HTML5 is loading small molecules from NCI and PubChem, reading PDB files from RCSB (San Diego), reading mmCIF files from EBI (Cambridge, UK), creating surfaces, and drawing bonds, atoms, and cartoons.

Use the search box to load a new molecule via one of the four databases. Enter commands into the text area and press EXECUTE to execute an OpenAstexViewer script command.

surface -solid true s red all; (takes a few seconds)
surface -solid false s orange all;
display sticks all;display lines none;
clip 5; clip 10; clip 100;
secstruc all;schematic -name ts -colorbyss true all;display lines none;
background white; background black;

Enter commands here, terminated with semicolons: