For a zip file containing all the files in this directory, see This test page uses unminified files and can implement the signed Jmol applet, the unsigned Jmol applet, or just JavaScript and HTML5 with or without WebGL. Credits: WebGL interface written by Takanori Nakane. Java2Script written by Zhou Renjian, et al. Jzlib written by Atsuhiko Yamanaka. Jmol code conversion to JavaScript by Bob Hanson.

console image display faster sharper
platformSpeed: 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
info show clear hide
spacefill wire ball&stick cartoons fancy not flat
color atomno color cpk color structure
isosurface vdw off mep translucent opaque
labels on off echo larger smaller
Try various buttons. If anything doesn't work please let me know.

Current status: 7 SEP 2013 - Jmol is working completely Java-free, requiring only HTML5. The platformSpeed option (set 1 to 10) allows for rapid rotation of models for platforms that have limited JavaScript capability (iPad/iPhone, tablets). Popup menu, script queuing, animation, spin, vibration, move, moveto, hover, and (guided) navigation, pause/resume are all working; echos/labels working; antialiasDisplay working; synchronous binary and XML file reading working; cartoons, translucency, surfaces -- all are working in a simple HTML5 2D canvas. WebGL is less developed, with just basic shapes and no text. Enter "!" and a command into the search box and press ENTER to execute a script command.

rendering options:
unsigned Jmol applet
signed Jmol applet
JSmol (HTML5 only)
JSmol (WebGL)
keyword searches
=caffeine? (RCSB)
=1blu? (RCSB)
=1crn? (RCSB)
this-domain calls
EDS map test
2.2MB EDM test
local file reading
minimize drag-minimize !quit
flexible fit
PyMOL session - dna
estron.cml vasp.xml water.xodydata
thread test
pause resume
!quit !exit
mo homo SQUARED
load data/1hxw.png (image)
load data/square_planar.spartan
load data/
pmesh "data/sage.pmesh"
load data/caffeine.mol
isosurface "caffeine.jvxl"
load data/1crn.pdb
load data/k04041.cif {1 1 1}
load data/cl2o.gamess
(load +) mo homo
mo lumo mesh fill

image x 0.5 x 1.0 x 2.0 off on front mid back

cyclflip2.spt !quit

direct database calls(unless MSIE)
load $caffeine (from NCI)
load =1blu (from RCSB)
load =1d66 (from RCSB)
load =4tra (from RCSB)
load :1983 (PubChem CID)
load :aspirin (PubChem name)
load :smiles:CC/C=C/CC (PubChem SMILES)
load :caffeine (PubChem, with mep)
load $caffeine (NCI, with MMFF94 mep)
load ==HEM (RCSB ligand)