You can explore any 3D macromolecular structure model (PDB file) in:
  • Jmol Protein Explorer (Bob Hanson, St. Olaf College)
    • Saves files directly to your local drive: PDB files, PNG and JPG images, Jmol states, JVXL isosurfaces
    • Uses the Jmol signed Java applet instead of the Chime plugin
    • Requires Java (standard with most operating systems and browsers)
    • Works on most modern browsers (not Opera, though)
    • Email your structure to yourself or a colleague!
    • Version 0.2 in development
  • FirstGlance in Jmol
    • Assumes that you are familiar with the principles of protein structure,
    • and with finding PDB codes.
    • Nothing needs to be installed (except java).
    • Works in popular browsers in Windows, OSX, and linux.
    • Relatively simple. Most molecular views are pre-determined.
    • Supports user-defined views of non-covalent contacts.

Educational molecular visualization resources for teachers: MolviZ.Org
For high school (secondary school) biology teachers: BioMolecular Explorer 3D