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  • Load:
    • 1d66, a sample DNA/protein complex
    • 2kvn(model1), a short RNA structure
    • 3cc2, H. marismortui Large subunit
    • 2qnh, 30S ribosome/tRNA/mRNA subunit

  • In the future, you can bypass this page entirely: You can create web pages containing hyperlinks that prespecify molecules to be displayed in Protein Explorer. The PDB files can come from the Protein Data Bank or any other server, or your local hard disk. The link is simply, where Nxxx is a 4-character PDB ID code, starting with a number. or, where xxx is the URL (starting with "file:///" or "http://") of the model you want to load.

  • Help/Index/Glossary (not revised for Jmol; refers to original Protein Explorer)